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Thinking techshare

When would be my techshare? I just checked it. It is supposed to in June 13 or 20th.

I was interested in Data Wrangler. It is supposed to a really cool ETL tool. I downloaded it and found it is unstable. I tried to use it to deal with my json and found it is not able to understand json. I converted json into csv and my csv crushed it every time I opened it.

For the csv file that worked, I had a small taste of Data Wrangler. Strictly speaking, the free version of Data wrangler is not a ETL tool. It is a interactive data manipulation tool. It turns your data into interactive charts. You can then do filtering. Whatever you do with your data, the software use cards to record your steps and then you can turn those cards into script. Then the script can automatically process your data as how you did before.

As it does not work on my csv, I am giving it up. Now I found this website with a tool called superconductor. It is claimed to be a big data visualization tool as it leverage parallel computering techniques. It supposed to be both fast and powerful. I haven’t tried it yet. If it works, I might present it for my techshare.

But the techshare is really far away. It is not necessary for me to prepare it now. Also, I might run into something else in between. Just write it down.